Building Firm Loyalty (1 CPE)


In order to create a solid, long-term growth strategy, firms must include two very important factors:  new business development and firm loyalty.   This course focuses on the loyalty factor and how this plays directly into the growth of an accounting firm.    Loyalty in the form of employees and clients can have a significant impact in the bottom-line profitability of any accounting firm with increased client and employee retention directly impacting productivity.   This course outlines how to build loyalty within accounting firms and strategies for immediate improvements.



*This course qualifies for 1 Business Management & Organization CPE credit.


See the description below for additional information on this course.





Learning Objectives:

  • Define the role loyalty plays in a growth strategy
  • Label the three sections of the loyalty wheel
  • List 4 ways to improve client service
  • List 4 ways to improve the investment in employees
  • List 4 ways to improve firm culture



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