Delivering Exceptional Client Service (1 CPE)


What does client service mean to you?  When 50 accountants are asked to describe what client service means to them in just one word, almost all 50 would come up with a different word.   The thing is, client service doesn’t have just one definition.   What good client service means to me isn’t necessarily what good client service means to you.   However, we can all agree that the key to long lasting relationships and successful businesses is client service.

This goal of this session is to provide you the tools provide exceptional client service to your clients from day one.   We will explore qualities of exceptional client service, the 5 fundamentals of exceptional client service and strategies to execute on exceptional client service in your role.


*This course qualifies for 1 Communications & Marketing CPE credit.


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Learning Objectives:

  • Relate the impact of client service
  • List the 5 fundamentals of client service
  • Relate the 5 fundamentals of client service to your current role
  • List the 6 ways to execute exceptional client service
  • Relate client service execution back to the client service fundamentals


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