Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting – 1 CPE

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You may not have realized it when you started in accounting but you can’t focus on only accounting if you want to grow your firm.  You have to put on your “sales” hat on in order to grow your business.   But how do you start?  Even more, how can you add social selling as a new way of reaching clients?   This course looks at one of the most powerful tools available to you and it’s free!


If you are on LinkedIn and you haven’t used it to gain clients, you will learn new ways to change the way you are using LinkedIn and how to prospect with this powerful tool.


*This course qualifies for 1 Communications & Marketing CPE credit.


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Learning Objectives:

  • Define 4 characteristics of your ideal client to search on LinkedIn
  • Craft an enticing headline to attract your ideal client
  • Apply 3 advanced search filters for greater results
  • Compose a connection strategy for ideal clients
  • Establish credibility using groups


Learn more here: Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting

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